What Is LFG Radio?

To answer the question of what LFG Radio is, I have to start with myself. Who is Devon “MeatyMitts” Schreiner? I’m a guy with a lot of ideas and passion and I want to help them become a reality. Back in the good old days, I put in about five years at a local radio station helping out with whatever needed to be done. Now I’ve been living in Kansas City for a few years and with the help of a couple people, I started LeagueKC from the ground up. LeagueKC was a project that took my love of esports and League of Legends and created a community around that.

Every project like this goes through phases and for the time being, I needed to find a new project. Introducing LFG Radio. LFG Radio is an online electronic dance music radio station built for gamers. I want to create a community of people that share interests in music and games. I want teammates to all be able to listen to the same music and the same time to get hyped up for their next match. I want people to meet new players in the Discord server to bond over the music and get into game together. I also want to bring in gaming and esports news, live shows, and podcasts to LFG Radio so gamers can stay up-to-date and educated without getting out of game. I want to bring music and gaming content creators together to share their creations with the people that care the most.

I am bringing my experience in radio, music, esports, community management, and the gaming world into one project. My dreams for LFG Radio are big and just starting to unfold. As this radio station grows from it’s roots in KC to reach a world-wide audience, I’m excited to see where this adventure takes me.

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