Gaming Headlines ICYMI: 1/4/18

Here are some of the top video game and esports headlines this week and looking into the future! ICYMI is posted once a week on Thursday morning and will start playing over the air at the same time. Tune in for the latest updates throughout the day!

Gaming News And Updates

Top and Bottom Games of 2017

Games Breaking Records

  • PlayerUnknown’s Battleground breaks their own record with over 3 million concurrent players on Steam. This is a pretty monumental feat as they are also competing with some other very popular games like Fortnite which is in the same Battle Royale genre. Along with their success, the CEO of PUBG, Chang Han Kim   said in an interview that “the final goal would be to launch the title on every platform”. Right now you have to be on PC or Xbox One to enjoy PUBG but anyone with a Playstation may be able to play soon. But probably not too soon as Kim said they need to evaluate and complete the Xbox One version first.
  • And in more record breaking news, Rocket League has surpassed 40 million players. Congratulations to Psyonix for what started out as an indie title to reach such heights. Check out more at Seasoned Gaming.

Overwatch And Fortnite See Updates

Real World Gaming News

  • Tyler Barriss of Los Angeles has been arrested and will remain in jail without bail until he is transported to Wichita Kansas in regards to the swatting death of Andrew Finch. According to CNN, he is being charged with felony false alarm. Due to the reckless actions of this man, an innocent life was lost. Hopefully justice is served in this situation and people will stop seeing this as a funny prank. It needs to be stopped.
  • The World Health Organization will list “Gaming disorder” and “Hazardous gaming” as health disorders in its International Compendium of Diseases this year reports IGN. Gaming disorder could well be seen as linked to controversy around  loot boxes and what constitutes gambling in gaming. Hazardous gaming is reminiscent of cases where individuals have died after extreme gaming sessions. Both disorders are currently part of a draft of the Compendium update, meaning their specifics could change before publication.


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