League Of Lagers Has Joined The Party!

LFG Radio is ecstatic to welcome our newest partner to the internet air waves starting next week. League of Lagers will be joining the party and bringing a lot to the audio buffet!

League of Lagers is a weekly show about all of the happenings in and around the League of Legends Championship Series. Now that the LCS is starting back up with their 8th season, League of Lagers is popping the tops of their craft brews and diving into some interesting LoL analysis.

Join Kurtis, Chase, and Zane every Wednesday at 11am CST for their recap of the last week’s matches and Saturdays at 11am CST for their predictions and analysis of how the meta might change in the coming days.

Follow Kurtis and Chase on Twitch to see when they go live with their show!

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