Twitter Poll Results: 1/18/18

In last week’s Twitter poll, we asked you if it was too late for a Halo TV series. Showtime announced the show over four years ago and just confirmed that it is still in development and still supposed to be everything a Halo fan could ever dream of.

It seems we have pretty split audience as 46% said that it’s never too late for Halo while another 39% of you said that Halo peaked in 2004 and that’s where you’d like it to stay.

For me, Halo has always been more than just a game. Halo has been a lifestyle since Combat Evolved was released. It was one of those first LAN games that we played for hours on end. It brought friends together to play pistols only on Hang ‘Em High. I grew up with Halo and it’s always had a great story and fandom behind the game. If a Halo TV series was released today I would watch the crap out of it.

But how much longer will it take to release and how much longer are fans of the series willing to wait for something like this? Is a TV series exactly what Halo needs to rise again and become the uncontested king of console games once more? Only Showtime will be able to answer that for us.

Make sure you head on over and vote in this week’s poll where we are asking about subscription gaming services like Xbox Game Pass and EA Access.

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