The LFG Radio PUBG Team Has Joined The Party!

LFG Radio is excited to announce our first esports team! Please help us welcome the LFG Radio PUBG Team! Our team will currently consist of five players.

  • Shaun “Skylac”
  • Joe “Choppa”
  • Andrew “Firstcrow”
  • Jacob “Faiven”
  • Devon “MeatyMitts” – Sub

This team has been formed and is ready to compete in their first league! Team LFG Radio will be starting their competition career tonight (1/23/18)! They will be joining the likes of the Immortals, Thunder Gaming, HTC, Hyper X, Monstercat, The Nerdery, and Astro in The OVERTIME Series Corporate League presented by Esports Arena. Matches will be played every Tuesday night for the next 12 weeks and will be streamed on Esports Arena’s Twitch channel.

We here at LFG Radio are excited for this new team and this opportunity to play for charity. Make sure you are following us on all social media and on our Discord server to get all the updates!

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