Gaming Headlines ICYMI: 1/25/18

Here are some of the top video game headlines this week brought to you by our friends at Seasoned Gaming! ICYMI is posted once a week on Thursday morning and will start playing over the air at the same time. Tune in for the latest updates throughout the day!

Gaming Announcements

  • Nintendo Debuts “Labo” for the Switch. This is pretty hard to describe without watching the video. Labo is basically a set of cardboard cutouts that can be built and will interact in different ways with the Switch. Not a lot of people are sure how to take this announcement from Nintendo other than everyone being surprised. Nintendo in recent years though rarely has shown us something we have been disappointed in so we are staying hopeful that with more information and further refining, Labo will become a household name.
  • Vampyr has released it’s newest trailer, Making Monsters. The video details the monster types and decision making you will face when playing Vampyr and how those choices have the potential to change the world around you. We can’t wait for more!
  • Age of Empires Definitive Edition is officially coming February 20th. Over 20 years since its original release, Age of Empires has been fully remastered and modernized. It will be available for $19.99 for Windows 10 PCs. Some of the improvements include 4K, online as well as LAN play, rerecorded sountrack, and much more. Open beta starts January 29th if you want a sneak peek.
  • Robocraft Infinity Announced for Xbox One and Windows PCs. Robocraft Infinity allows you to build robots block-by-block and face off against other players in their own custom built robots in multiplayer deathmatch and battle arena. It launches early in 2018.
  • The new God of War game has also release date, story trailer, and details on the limited edition. The game will be releasing April 20th. You’ll have to head over to to watch the trailer!

Gaming News Updates

  • Sea Of Theives not only saw a developer update this week but a closed beta trailer as well! We think with these updates and the beta going live, we’ll be seeing many more details come out about the game in the coming days. Hopefully the beta servers can handle all of the load and everyone will actually get to try the game out. Let us know if you got in!
  • Rumor has it that Microsoft may be once again trying to revive the Fable franchise. The title is most likely being worked on by Playground Games, developers of the Forza Horizon series, and is still a long ways out from completion. After a failed attempt at Fable: Legends in 2016, we’ll have to see if this rumor holds up.
  • The next Battlefield 1 Expansion is on the way in the form of “Apocalypse”.  It looks to be a rather substantial addition to the title and brings with it three new multiplayer maps, two new maps for a new dogfighting mode, six new guns, melee weapons, and more. Apocalypse arrives this February and Premium Pass members will be able to play two weeks ahead of time.
  • Despite there being countless studies showing a lack of a link between playing violent video games and violent human behavior, the topic is still brought up often as an argument against gaming. Fresh out of the University of York, a series of experiments conducted with over 3,000 participants again showed no correlation between playing violent video games and violent behavior in adults. According to the University, they would like to conduct similar experiments in children in the future. You can find the full study on
  • Microsoft made a huge announcement regarding their Game Pass service. Going forward, all Microsoft first party titles will launch day and date in the Game Pass service. So when Sea of Thieves, State of Decay 2, and Crackdown 3 launch throughout the year, Game Pass subscribers will have instant access to them on their release date. This will continue into the future as well so it includes blockbuster titles like Halo, Forza, and Gears of War as well.


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