Twitter Poll Results: 1/25/18

In last week’s poll,  LFG Radio Party Members told us if they subscribe to video game subscription services like Xbox Game Pass or EA Access. The votes were pretty split as three of the four answers all tied with 20% of the vote. The most voted for option though is that people are waiting for these services to include more games for them to be viable options.

There may be some minds swayed though as after this poll was posted, Microsoft announced that all of their first party titles will be released at the same time for Game Pass subscribers as it will be for the rest of the world. This is a huge improvement, bringing games day one to the platform. Sony and Nintendo are going to have to step up with their own subscription plans fast, otherwise this could turn into a game changer for Microsoft.

Is this news a big enough deal to finally commit and subscribe to Xbox Game Pass? Would you subscribe if Sony or Nintendo offered the same? Let us know on social media or in the comments.

Make sure you vote in this weeks’ poll as well! Do you think the Nintendo Labo will be successful?

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