Twitter Poll Results: 2/8/18

In last week’s Twitter Poll, we asked you if DragonBall FighterZ is the best DragonBall themed game that has ever been released. While some might think it’s still a little too early to tell, others have already made up their mind.

A whopping 63% of voters said that DragonBall FighterZ is hands down the best DragonBall game to ever be played. A few stragglers voted for the other options, but it seems that a large majority really enjoy the new addition.

There is always time for these opinions to change as well, new games can come out, new updates can improve the game. We’d love to hear where you think DragonBall FighterZ stands and where you think it will stand in the coming years. Will the extra attention from the competitive communities be what drives the game over the top? Or will it help to point out the games flaws and drive it into the ground?

Make sure you also go and vote in this week’s Twitter poll, the new rumor is that Red Dead Redemption 2 will include a Battle Royale mode. Is that a good move or not?

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