Seasoned Gaming

Seasoned Gaming was created as a response to the seemingly hundreds of “gaming” sites that are anything but. Posting erroneous info or worse, purposely posting controversial titles to try and generate ad revenue is an insult to true gamers.

They have been gaming a very long time and believe in sharing the love for this art form with others who appreciate it as much as they do.

Charged Shot

Charged Shot is a group of best friends that charge and take aim at gaming and nerd culture.

Charged Shot runs a few different podcasts that you should check out. They are bringing their Video Game Newsy News Show, an aptly named gaming news podcast to LFG Radio every Tuesday morning at 10am CST.


The goal of LeagueKC is to create a local community of people that enjoy the same thing. They host events, watch parties, and their competitive league for the Kansas City area and surrounding states.

Tune in to the LeagueKC Twitch channel to catch all the action for their current competitive league season.

EDM Identity

LFG Radio has finally found an equally awesome electronic dance music blog to help make our community the best it can be. EDM Identity strives to provide quality content about electronic dance music and the culture that surrounds it in the US and abroad.

Look forward to blog posts and music news segments from EDM Identity on the air soon!

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